We're all about Wyo...mountains, prairies, national parks, rivers, buffalo and eagles.  And we're all about the 'why' - the reasons you do those things you do, the reasons you get up in the morning, the things that make you sing and the things that break your heart.  


WyoWhy is unserious - so go ahead and laugh.  At WyoWhy, every day is chest day! So nudge your friends in the ribs and lol at our "hot" potholders, our sexy "bolo boys" and our irreverent "potholders".  Then sneak back later and buy one - you can say it's "for a friend."  We won't tell.  

But we're serious, too.   Women in Wyoming face the largest gender wage-gap is the US - 64 cents to every dollar made by our brothers. We love men (obviously....just look at our products) but we want women to catch a break.  So we created a flexible remote employment network for our sisters who live in the areas that our Jackson Hole tourist population doesn't touch. They sew our products in their homes, happy to have the chance to craft, create, laugh and be part of something cooperative.  Oh, and you can feel good about our sourcing, too,  because we upcycle US-made fabrics and buy US made components for over 80% of our supply chain - we're serious about that, too.