Quilts for Pulse

At WyoWhy, we realize we are from a state that many people consider "conservative" in the political realm.  Stories covered in the national papers don't do much to help that fact, often written by folks who don't actually know where Wyoming is.  

While the voting map validates the "red" label, we're a lot more than a "red" state or a "blue" state.  Just like every state that falls under one color or another, we find ourselves painted with a broad brush when it comes to social issues like wilderness, endangered species, LGBT rights, marijuana use (recreational or medical), healthcare, etc...

While all those issues are highly nuanced, many have basic humanity at their core, not morality.  So when the tragic shooting occurred in Orlando at the Pulse Nightclub, our hearts went out to the families that lost loved ones, but also to the men and women First Responders, who were faced with one of the most horrifying triage situations in recent memory.

A local Quilt Guild in Orlando started a movement called "Quilts for Pulse" and asked people to donate quilts, quilt tops, or just quilt blocks, which could then be given to the survivors, the family members of the victims, and to the first responders - a way for them to see that this was a tragedy that affected us all.

The quilting community is a generous community.  Small, but generous.  We sent in a quilt through our sister company, Full Circle Quilts.  And our Wyoming quilt got special recognition, because Wyoming was  the ONLY state that had not represented until we stepped up and sent in a quilt.  It was hard financially, as a startup, to donate a quilt worth $750.00.    But we felt it was right, so we did it.  

Now, THAT'S Wyoming.