Teton Totes

We decided to create a company  that will represent all of Wyoming, not just Jackson Hole.  JH is our home, and we love it,  but it has just a bit of an image problem with the rest of the state...and we want to change that.

Teton County is the only county that votes "Blue" in the entire state. Yup. And it's not even close.  So while the rest of the state looks at us and rolls their collective eye, we in turn are not well represented in national politics.  Which is funny/not funny, because our state representatives quite frequently have second homes here...but enough about politics.

Teton County is also perennially ranked one of the top three counties in the USA with the highest per-capita income.  So given those two factors, it's not too hard to see why the rest of the state, which is suffering economically, often looks at us askance.

WyoWhy seeks to bring industry to areas of Wyoming outside Teton County.  We create handmade products in small rural communities, putting real dollars into those communities.  Those products are then sold retail in Teton County, to wholesale clients, and direct to customers on-line.  We have a vibrant Tourist economy here, and Wyoming-made products are in high demand as travelers increasingly want their souvenir purchases to be from this area.  

Teton Totes is one answer to that demand for local products.  Not only do we use Wyoming makers, but we only use US-made material sourced from US textile mills.  We're not allowed to advertise the source of our materials, but our Brand-name source is a well-known US-made workwear company.  We would like the textile and clothing industries to "own" up to the fact that they produce about 30% more material than they actually use, and often landfill the residuals.  We take those materials, cut out the flaws (usually a small dye flaw), and create beautiful, useful products that produce US jobs.

Our first Teton Tote product is a simple Tote Bag, but we are expanding into Yoga Mat Bags, Draw-string Back packs, cross-body purses,  Fanny packs....if it's a bag, we're going to make it.  We trademarked our product line because we want buyers to know that our label means you can be 100% sure that our products are Wyoming made.  

We can customize any bag, by either stitching or screen-printing, and will offer wholesale blank totes in a variety of colors. Designs can be made of any image, in any size, and custom-size bags are easily accommodated.